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Omnichannel Solutions by IMS

Today's consumers expect to connect with businesses in various ways, from traditional mail to the latest digital platforms.

IMS offers straightforward and effective omnichannel solutions, making sure your messages reach your audience no matter where they are.

Our omnichannel delivery supports your workflow to deliver the optimal content through each recipient's preferred channels. By personalizing and tailoring each piece of communication, we ensure that your messages are not only received but also resonate with your audience.

Expanding Your Reach with Omnichannel Delivery

Reach Your Customers On Their Terms

Our omnichannel approach means we can tailor your communications to fit each customer's preferences, ensuring your messages are always effective. We handle everything from print to digital, making your communications strategy straightforward and efficient.
Our Services

Print and Mail

Leveraging advanced digital press technology and automated processes, we optimize your print communications for maximum efficiency and postal savings

Secure Email and Notifications

Deliver important information directly to your customers' inboxes with secure email solutions, complemented by timely SMS and app notifications.


Utilize our API, hosted web pages, and mobile app integrations to ensure consistent and accessible presentation of your communications across all platforms.

Personal Cloud Services

Tap into emerging channels by integrating document delivery with popular personal cloud services, ensuring your communications are where your customers are.

Expanding Your Reach with Omnichannel Delivery

With IMS, reaching your customers through multiple channels is simple and effective.
We ensure your communications are consistent, engaging, and secure, no matter how you choose to send them.

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