Communication Solutions
for Credit Unions

In the dynamic world of banking, clear, timely, and secure communication is not just expected—it's imperative.

At IMS, we understand the unique communication needs of credit unions in today's fast-paced financial landscape.

That's why we've developed tailored solutions specifically designed to meet the nuanced needs of credit unions, helping you to streamline communication with your members efficiently and effectively. Our specialized services are engineered to enhance the clarity, speed, and security of your member interactions, ensuring that every communication reinforces trust and builds stronger relationships. With IMS, your credit union can harness the power of advanced communication strategies to not only meet but exceed member expectations, driving engagement and satisfaction to new heights.

Customized Solutions for Credit Unions

Statements & Notices

Deliver monthly account statements and important notices to members, maintaining transparency and consistent communication.


Provide members with digital access to their financial documents through secure online platforms, enhancing convenience and engagement.

Check & Remittance Production

Produce and process checks and remittances with precision, ensuring reliability and security in transactions.

Charge Notifications

Notify members of account charges promptly, keeping them informed of their account activities.

Fraud Notifications

Send automated alerts to members and the bank in case of suspicious activities, enhancing security and response times.

Credit & Collection Notices

Communicate credit issues and collection matters clearly and compliantly, maintaining professionalism in sensitive communications.

Loan Payment Notice

Issue timely notifications regarding loan payment schedules and dues, keeping members informed of their obligations.

Tax Documents

Distribute necessary tax-related documents to members efficiently, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Confirmation Statements

Provide members with confirmation statements for transactions, reinforcing transparency and trust.

Onserts & Inserts

Include promotional or informational materials in regular mailings, leveraging existing communication channels for marketing.

Compliance Documents

Distribute documents related to compliance, ensuring that both the bank and its members adhere to regulatory standards.

Account Notices

Notify members of account charges promptly, keeping them informed of their account activities.

Email Marketing

Send out notices related to account changes, updates, or other significant information, keeping members well-informed.

Privacy Notices

Communicate legal and regulatory information to members, ensuring that the bank remains compliant and members are informed.

Legal and Regulatory Notices

Communicate legal and regulatory information to members, ensuring that the bank remains compliant and members are informed.

Security & Compliance for Credit Unions

IMS is deeply committed to providing communication solutions that adhere to the highest standards of data protection and regulatory compliance. Our approach ensures that your credit union's sensitive information remains secure, and your operations align with industry regulations, safeguarding your reputation and member trust.

We work closely with your compliance team to ensure that every aspect of your communications, from statement processing to electronic transactions meet your standards.

We understand the critical nature of compliance in the credit union sector, which is why our solutions are designed to comply with relevant financial regulations and standards, including SOC 2. By partnering with IMS, you can be confident that your communication strategies not only enhance member engagement but also fortify your security and compliance profile.

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