FinTech Communication Solutions

IMS offers robust FinTech communications solutions, emphasizing reliability, security, and regulatory compliance.

We leverage our extensive knowledge, experience, and trust to enhance the efficiency of your operations and help you achieve significant cost savings.

Our services are designed to meet the complex communications needs of the mortgage processing industry, where stringent regulations, legacy systems, and multiple stakeholders often complicate processes. Our comprehensive communication services include traditional print and mail to cutting-edge digital platforms. This wide array of solutions ensures that financial businesses can address all your communication needs under one roof, eliminating the complexity and inefficiency of dealing with multiple vendors.

Optimizing Your Financial Communications

Leverage IMS's comprehensive suite of communication services designed to address the unique challenges of the FinTech industry. Our solutions offer flexibility and modularity, enabling you to manage communications effectively through advanced tools and channels:

Statements & Notices

Deliver monthly account statements and important notices to customers, maintaining transparency and consistent communication.


Provide customers with digital access to their financial documents through secure online platforms, enhancing convenience and engagement.

Check & Remittance Production

Produce and process checks and remittances with precision, ensuring reliability and security in transactions.

Charge Notifications

Notify customers of account charges promptly, keeping them informed of their account activities.

Fraud Notifications

Send automated alerts to customers and the bank in case of suspicious activities, enhancing security and response times.

Credit & Collection Notices

Communicate credit issues and collection matters clearly and compliantly, maintaining professionalism in sensitive communications.

Loan Payment Notice

Issue timely notifications regarding loan payment schedules and dues, keeping customers informed of their obligations.

Tax Documents

Distribute necessary tax-related documents to customers efficiently, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Uncompromised Security & Regulatory Compliance

At IMS, we understand the critical importance of data security and adherence to financial regulations in the FinTech industry. Our solutions are designed with these priorities in mind, ensuring that every communication meets the highest standards of security and compliance.

Partner with IMS for Tailored Solutions

At IMS, we’re ready to elevate your FinTech communications to new heights. Contact us to explore how our tailored solutions can streamline your financial service communications, drive efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction.

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