Government and Municipal Communication Solutions

IMS offers specialized communication services tailored to meet the unique demands of public sector entities, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient interactions with citizens.

IMS, Inc. helps public sector agencies streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve citizen satisfaction.

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to facilitate clear, consistent, and accessible communication across various government functions, enhancing the quality and reach of public services.

Omni-Channel Communication Approach

Our omni-channel approach to ensure your messages reach citizens through their preferred channels, from traditional mail to digital platforms like email, SMS, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems. This integrated strategy guarantees cohesive communication efforts that elevate citizen engagement.


Traditional print communications, such as notices, bills, and informational brochures, maintain essential outreach for all citizens, ensuring compliance.


Interactive Voice Response, an automated, voice-guided system for citizens to access information, make payments, or report issues 24/7.


Instant text messaging ensures timely delivery of critical information and alerts to citizens, enhancing accessibility and responsiveness.


A fast and cost-effective way for government and municipalities to distribute newsletters, updates, and alerts directly to your citizens' inboxes.

Specialized Solutions for Diverse Needs

IMS provides a comprehensive suite of communication solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of government agencies, ensuring effective outreach and engagement with the public. Our services are designed to enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and reliability of government communications across multiple channels.

Statements & Notices

We manage the end-to-end process, from design and printing to distribution, ensuring that each document meets the highest standards of clarity and follow your agency’s compliance requirements


This service facilitates immediate, secure access to statements, notices, and other vital communications, supporting the shift towards digital engagement and reducing paper waste.

Collection Notices

Ensuring clear communication while maintaining respect for the recipient. Our process includes careful compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

Tax Documents

IMS provides a secure, efficient service for printing and mailing tax documents to citizens, ensuring that these important documents are accurately produced and delivered well before deadlines.

Onserts & Inserts

This is an effective way to communicate new services, programs, or initiatives to the public without incurring the cost of separate mailings.

Bill & Statement Mailing

Our process includes advanced sorting and tracking technologies to optimize postage costs and provide real-time delivery updates.

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