Robotic Process Automation
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Public Sector Communication Solutions

As government agencies continue to experience budget deficits, procurement departments face increasing pressure to reduce operating costs. Many municipalities have turned to IMS, Inc. to assist with implementing cost reduction measures for their agency. Our team of digital communication professionals will help build digital communication strategy to deliver alerts, notifications, and documents through one or multiple channels of preference; Email, SMS, IVR, and Print. A partnership with IMS, Inc. will transform citizen data into meaningful touch points. Reduce billing cost through the deployment of enhanced statements, notices, and digital communications, all in a secure environment. Provide one-to-one messaging and promote citizen awareness. You control the design and delivery utilizing targeted promotions. Take advantage of our technology in every touch point to substantially improve the citizen experience.


Reach citizens across multiple channels with one connection

Delivery messaging across a range of channels, including print, email, SMS, IVR, and gain immediate access to new client data.


Connect with citizens utilizing personalized, conversational experiences

Use marketing and personalization tools to enhance citizen communications. Make it easy for citizens to take action, such as online payments and notices.


Take your messaging to another level

With IMS’s full-service omnichannel solutions, citizen engagements are transforming individual touch-points into interactive and enhanced citizen experiences.


Safeguard your data

Granular tracking and accurate, real-time measurement of all customers communications. Let IMS, Inc. Inc. help improve transparency and efficiency while meeting compliance and security requirements, including

State & Federal Agencies

Water & Sewer Authorities

Bridge, Tunnel, & Turnpike Authorities

IMS, Inc. now leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine-based learning.

The power of AI can be incorporated into every citizen touchpoint from payment reminders and billing notifications to call centers and web-based chat. Significantly improve citizen engagement while reducing call center volume and cost.

Payment Reminders

  • Inbound/outbound IVR
  • Email and SMS
  • Customized messaging based on schedule types, message codes, and payment reason codes.

Call Center Engagement

  • Reduce call center labor
  • Shorten call times
  • Increase citizen engagement and experience
  • Reduce call center costs

Web-Based Chat

  • Reduce agent engagement
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase customer engagement and experience