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Banks and financial institutions can no longer depend on lifelong loyalty from their customers. The days of customers choosing a bank because their family has been an established relationship with that institution does not guarantee future loyalty. Technology savvy Fintech and digital start-ups have disrupted the market and recent trends indicate that customers are more likely to do business with an organization that provides a personalized, simple experience.

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The rise of conversational AI in financial services

A rise in the adoption of AI-based conversational interfaces is ongoing in the banking industry as companies increasingly look to drive digital engagement as a main their growth strategies. Conversational AI implementations, such as chatbots, and virtual assistants have grown significantly since 2016, driven by improved AI and natural language processing capabilities and the ever-growing reserves of customer data. The market for Conversational AI technologies was estimated to be USD 7 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 74 billion by 2023.