Delivering critical
and documents.

Scaling to meet your customer communications needs has never been more straightforward with IMS, Inc.’s self-serve document management portal and processing solutions.

automation and
conversational AI.

Alleviate the pressures on your team and make yourself available to your
customers 24/7/365. With IMS, Inc.’s conversational AI platform, you can deliver
insight and transact with your customers wherever and whenever they call.

Make banking
personal, again.

With IMS, Inc.’s conversational (AI) banking and hyper-automation platform,
you can control your customer communications’ voice and tone on any channel.

The New Wave: Conversational Banking

Advance and deliver with Directlink – a new conversational banking platform,
built for credit unions and community banks.

Your Communications. Redefined.

Creating an extraordinary experience isn’t easy. Avoid less than impressive results and supercharge your communications to ensure a user-experience that satisfies. From statements and notices to digital and mobile-optimized touchpoints, IMS delivers.


Utilize the latest technology and data access points to deliver more personalized and targeted offerings.


Provide additional access points to engage your members and deliver critical communications.


With our full-service offering, we help your organization create a cohesive and consistent identity that builds loyalty.

With our Enhanced Document solution, you’re in the driver’s seat.


Personalize critical documents, match brand standards and ensure a premium user experience.


Our team helps orchestrate communications across channels and build a roadmap for future success.


Produce and distribute documents across channels – print, e-statements, SMS, email and more.

Our Statements
Get Results.

Being able to communicate with your customers is an essential part of business. Now, more than ever, timely and relevant communications have become the cornerstone of many leading engagement strategies. By leveraging available data to produce targeted, personalized messaging – we enable you to deliver an enhanced customer experience that moves people to action.


Learn how IMS can help you deliver your critical communications, from statements and notices to digital and mobile-optimized touchpoints.

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Conversational IVRs provide an intuitive self-service solution.

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