Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation
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Transform Your Business Into a Self-Driving Company

IMS, INC. has an industry-leading platform that can be easily implemented to increase the efficiency of internal and external processes throughout organizations. With unmatched automation capabilities and customer support, Direct Link will transform your business, stimulate growth while maintaining compliance, and deliver a positive customer experience.

Streamline and enhance regulatory compliance

Your next hire in the compliance department should be a bot as a virtual member of the team to manage repetitive tasks.

Seamless and scalable operations

DirectLink™ workflows are reusable across many business departments and locations with ease.

Deep insight into operations

DirectLink™ delivers insights from data analytics that enhance profitability. Extract legacy data and identify trends or patterns in transaction history to identify fraud.

No interference with your IT systems

Our Conversational AI tools interact with your staff and customers in a human-like manner and are compatible with most core systems.

Refocus your workforce

Free your staff from redundant low-value tasks and re-focus them on higher-value work.

Use RPA as a cognitive extension

With cognitive features like language detection, named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis, automation can meet the demands of complex decision making.

Reap the Benefits of RPA


Seamless Implementation with an immediate ROI

If you are a service provider manually processing documents or repetitive business tasks with an average handling time above five minutes per item we have an RPA solution that can automate this on your behalf. Our RPA robots are able to extract data, insert the information into systems, and output printed documents if necessary. Our customers achieve a return-on-investment within twelve months, reducing manual effort and processing time significantly.


Steamline your back office

Utilize bots to eliminate manual and slow processes in your operation. Through automation, you will free up employees to focus on more customer-centric and high-value activities. Allow our RPA robots to focus on the high-volume business-rules-driven repeatable processes.


Enhance front office customer engagements

If your company manages thousands of clients worldwide you may be a candidate to save thousands of hours of human work by utilizing RPA. Customer requests and information gathering can be automated and managed by bots freeing up employees to dedicate this time to work directly with customers.

Additional Tools

Auto Login

API Connectivity

Data Manipulation

File Management

Data Extraction/Transcription

Database Management

Email Management

Make Calculations

Online Data Scrapes

Enhance your automation through RPA

Bots will play an important role in the future. Design, build and train your bots to maximize their value and you will create a competitive edge for your organization. Robotic Process Automation delivers an immediate return on investment and enhances the profitability of organizations. Future proof your organization’s workflow utilizing RPA and stay ahead of your competition.