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Presort Mailing

At IMS, Inc., presort mailing is a core service we have offered for more than 30 years. We utilize industry-leading software and technology to presort your mail by ZIP code. All outbound mail is grouped and bundled according to the postal requirements to improve delivery time at a cheaper postage rate. Postage discounts apply to First-Class® and Standard Mail®. We manage over two million first-class mail pieces per day. This mail is an assortment of statements, invoices, checks, notices, and surveys. All mail we handle is time-sensitive with critical service level requirements. We use state-of-the-art mailing and presorting equipment to read each address, verify address accuracy, apply the Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMb ) and sort by ZIP code. Our technology can reduce your overall postage cost by 10% in many cases.

Direct Mail Marketing & Letters Shop Services

Many businesses turn to IMS, Inc. for an end-to-end Direct Mail solution. From design to mailing, we do it all every day in five state-of-the-art processing facilities. Whether you have an in-house printing capability or source to an offset printing shop and have your pre-printed material delivered to us, we have you covered. Our production footprint allows us to meet timelines for large and small jobs, often in a single day regardless of the complexity of your Direct Mailing job.


Full color variable data direct mail printing capabilities with inline perforating.


High speed inkjet addressing to meet your direct mail needs, low or high volume.


Off line cutting capabilities to ensure your mail is clean and sized appropriately to meet USPS standards.


State of the tabbing machines for self-mailers and custom direct mail applications.


All inserts and mail meters are equipped with inline sealing systems to ensure your mail is kept confidential.


Tired of tabs? IMS can glue your mail pieces creating a cleaner look and seamless finish.


Utilize a stamp versus a meter or indicia to driver better response rates from customers.


IMS has state of the art file based inserting technology for all your mailing needs.


Take advantage of USPS discounts by commingling your mail with IMS using our proven sorting capabilities.


Let IMS design and build a direct mail piece that will drive the best response rates.


We can palletize your paper, envelopes, or finished mailing on demand.


Turn to IMS as your mailing experts for your direct mailing needs.

Address Standardization

Ensure your addresses are formatted correctly using our technology at IMS.

Customer Reporting

Get detailed reporting of your mailing jobs as needed to track your expenses as needed.

Merge/Purge and Deduplication

Use our software to remove duplicates from your mailing list eliminating wasteful spending.


Combine multiple notices or invoices into one envelope to reduce postage expenses.

Comprehensive Data Cleansing & Hygiene

Ensure your addresses are formatted correctly using our technology at IMS.

Mail Tracking

Utilize the USPS IMb tracing at IMS to forecast mail delivery.

USPS address correction, validation & verification

IMS utilizes the CASS™️ certification process to improve the accuracy of postal codes

Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)

Sort & track mail and request additional services utilizing one barcode.

Data Services

Data is of the most valuable commodities today. Businesses are looking to connect with their audience using market data relating to sales and customer data, etc. Capturing the correct audience data is one of your most valuable assets in your organization. Building an accurate list of clients and potential clients is extremely important because these are people that are and will be potential customers and drive sales for your business.

Do you have the resources and expertise to maintain accurate, up-to-date information?

IMS helps put data to work for you by delivering better data, better optimization, and better results. Our team of data experts will keep your data clean, accurate and compliant so that your mailings are processed efficiently, allowing you to take full advantage of postal discounts and deliver a highly-personalized message to the right person at the right time.

Additional Tools

Address standardization

Customer reporting

Mail list cleaning and processing

Merge / purge and deduplication

Comprehensive data cleansing and hygiene

Barcode tracking and response devices

NCOA (National Change of Address) processing

USPS address correction, validation & verification

Full-Service USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMb) application