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The future is now, and the possibilities are endless.

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Don’t take our word for it.

“ is in a class of its own.”

-UX Magazine

Harness the Power of AI

IMS, Inc., in partnership with, delivers a platform for conversational AI that is ranked at the top in every critical category, including, channel integration, performance, flexibility, and experience.

The Future is Now

Cut through the noise and reach your customers where they are. Build bots to intelligently interact with your customers and drive enhanced engagements that delight. Automate communications and create personalized experiences utilizing various forms of artificial intelligence (AI).

Channel Integrations

Business is powered by your ability to engage in meaningful conversations with your customers. The challenge is that you’re expected to be present wherever your customers are. With constantly changing preferences and options, your “channel” strategy can easily become siloed and disconnected.

IMS, Inc., powered by, allows you to create truly unique experiences that connect and facilitate cross-channel conversations with seamless precision.

Speed and Performance

Success will soon be defined as the ability to reach new and existing customers in the fastest, most efficient method.

Conversational experiences can be quickly created and deployed across multiple channels with ease, allowing your organization to see immediate results.

Top-ranked in a variety of performance categories, the IMS platform, powered by is designed to get your company on the right track, and fast.



Platform flexibility is a critical component of differentiating your organization from the competition. Being prepared for any roadblocks is what makes our platform stand above the rest.

By allowing the most customization and integration, we can effectively eliminate the hurdles that other platforms face when designing conversational experiences.

Our focus is on your company reaching its goals as quickly as possible, all in a stress-free environment.

Build Your



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“What should you expect by using Conversational AI?”

Improve Customer Service

Provide customers the personalized assistance they need, at the time and channel they prefer.

Reduced Internal Costs

Save money on hiring new employees as implementing a chatbot will optimize customer service costs.

Reach New Customers

With chatbots handling customer inquiries, you can focus more time on new customer acquisition.

Increase Profitability

AI will improve organizational efficiency and speed, resulting in optimal profitability.

Reallocate Time

Bots automate routine and information-based tasks so your employees can devote their time to higher-value projects.

Optimize Data Collection

Custom reporting and analysis can be made to further enhance business operations.


Chatbots can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously, while human agents can manage only a few.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee morale will increase from them being able to contribute more to the success of the team.

Customer Feedback

Chatbots can request customer feedback during conversations, which is analyzed to improve service.

Industry Implementation


  • Onboard new patients

  • Schedule new appointments and automate appointment reminders.

  • Chatbots can help customers choose the correct health plan and answer any questions about health services or medical information.


  • Automate account management services like transferring funds, opening new accounts, etc.
  • Automate bill paying, set up recurring payments, and bill reminders.
  • Chatbots can answer any questions about loans, budgeting, or general assistance.


  • Improve citizen engagement by reaching them directly on the channels they prefer.
  • Automate billing processes, tax returns, public works, etc.
  • Chatbots can obtain feedback on special projects and answer any questions from the users.

Don’t Get Left Behind

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and new technology, it is critical now more than ever, to utilize the power of AI to stay ahead of the competition. IMS, Inc. has designed a platform for conversational AI that can be customized for any organization. We provide your company the resources it needs to maximize profitability and position you for long-term success.

Data drives profits and what you do with that data is the key. IMS, Inc. gives you the power to experience the benefits of conversational AI by seeing immediate results from both internal operations and the perspective of your customers

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