Alerts & Preference Management
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Email, Voice, Text, and Mobile App Notifications

DirectLink™, by IMS, Inc. is a scalable communications solution, built for your organization. From email to voice, texting to webchat, we deliver alerts directly to your customer, exactly how they want it. With preference management capability and machine learning, we convey the right message, at the right time, and on the right device. Leverage our omnichannel platform to accelerate profitability and offer excellent customer service.

Available Channels


Design inbound & outbound voice bots to automate customer service engagements and execute common tasks.


Utilize AI driven bots to automate reminders, announcements, and conversational interfaces enhancing customer interactions.


Build & deploy email bots and custom experiences ranging from simple notifications to complex conversions.


Supercharge internal and external conversations supporting your slack workspace using bots inside of DirectLink™.

Rich Web Chat

Allow users to engage your organization through the website using our secure web chat.

Facebook Messenger

Create conversational experiences inside of popular social media apps using AI driven bots.


Reach a broader audience through Whatsapp with bots inside of DirectLink™.

Amazon Alexa

Create AI powered experiences and Amazon Alexa and Echo using NLU and intent recognition inside of DirectLink™.

Bring Your Own

Already committed to a provider (SMS, Voice, etc)? You can plug that provider into your DirectLink™ solutions.

Service Offerings


Stay Compliant

New regulations — such as GDPR — requires explicit consent from customers prior to using their data. Additionally, customers must have the capability to view and modify their consent on demand. Failure to comply with the regulations can result in large fines and damage a companies reputation. This environment has driven companies to innovate and customize their consent and identity management platform across the globe.


Manage Consent

The DirectLink™ Preference Center allows users to manage consent — including email and additional communication channels. Your customers receive a clear and concise visual of their personal preferences and enjoy the flexibility to make adjustments on demand as needed.


Consolidate Customer Data

Provide your support agents with an user friendly centralized portal for resolution management of username inquiries, password reset requests, and other customer inquiries — while aggregating every action of every change to your customer’s data.

Additional Tools

Personalized Communication

Automated Notifications

Natural Language Processing

Secure and Scalable

TCPA Compliant

CAN-SPAM Compliant

Centralized Data Repository

Flexible Platform

Consolidate Consent

Improve overall customer experience with personalized communications that listen to the voice of your customer