Billing and Payment Solutions

As a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act, the healthcare industry now has to worry about complicated rules along with new and changing coding standards. Healthcare providers must increase patient engagement, close payment gaps and strengthen their performance. As healthcare costs rise, there is unprecedented pressure to reduce costs. Partnering with IMS gives you access to solutions which provide comprehensive and secure online billing and payment management. These solutions will yield faster payments, improve cash flow and reduce billing costs.

Automate Routine Interactions

Automate your call centers using Artificial Intelligence.

Customer Self Service

AI and bots in call center provide smarter, more cost-effective self-service, giving your business a competitive edge.

Focus on Relationships

By providing effective automation options via bots or AI-powered conversational IVRs, you free up agents to focus on where they can make the most impact—solving more complex customer problems and building relationships.

Every opportunity to communicate with your customer is an opening to deepen loyalty.

IMS works with you to develop the right targeted messages.