Credit Unions

Increase Member Engagement and Revenue Growth

Credit unions are continually seeking ways to engage and enhance the member experience. As the demographic and technology change, credit unions must deliver their messaging across multiple channels. Your partnership with IMS, Inc. will relieve the stress of member engagement while increasing growth and share-of-wallet. We work with our clients to create and deliver cost-effective statements that are 100% accurate and member friendly. IMS delivers enhanced statements designed for credit unions. We transform member data into cost effective statements, notices and emails, all in a secure environment.

Statements & Notices




Check & Remittance Production

Charge Notifications

Fraud Notifications

Credit & Collection Notices

Loan Payment Notice

Tax Documents

Electronic Payments

Email Marketing

Onserts & Inserts

Data-Driven Communications

Our data-driven communications provide one-to-one messaging, promoting brand awareness. You control the design and delivery of statements, notices, invoices and more utilizing targeted promotions. Take advantage of our leading-edge technology at every touch point to substantially increase payments, control costs, and improve the member experience.

Increase member engagement with the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine-based learning. Your credit union can be incorporate AI into every member touchpoint from payment reminders and billing to call centers and web-based chat. Significantly improve payments and billing engagements and reduce call center volume and cost.