Financial Services

Convert Transactions Into Opportunities

In today’s market, companies ranging from Fortune 100 to small start-ups are competing for a share of the financial services action, conversational AI provides organizations with the opportunity to take charge.

Direct Link allows you to engage with and develop customer relationships through automated channels driven by Conversational AI. In many cases, a customer will request to transfer funds from a current account to a savings account from their mobile banking app and their financial institution only registers this request as a transaction. The app lacks the ability to understand the customer’s requirements.

Imagine being proactive with your customers when they make a deposit with a prompt such as “putting way money for that special occasion?”. With DirectLink, by IMS, Inc. this is a possibility for your organization. Let us help you turn the transaction into an experience, moving the customer towards new products and a greater level of satisfaction. ​

Now, with each interaction you gain further insight into spending habits, likes and dislikes, future goals, and critical life events. Information can then be used to personalize engagements, deliver curated content and increase your organization’s share of wallet — becoming your customers preferred financial institution.

Our platform builds understanding in order to consistently deliver quality experiences across your enterprise. Let us work with you to design and deliver the next generation of conversational engagement.


Reach customers across multiple channels with one connection.

Delivery messaging across a range of channels, including print, email, SMS, IVR and gain immediate access to new client data.


Connect with customers utilizing personalized, conversational experiences.

Use marketing and personalization tools to enhance customers communications. Make it easy for customers to take action, such as online banking and pay bills.


Take your messaging to another level.

With IMS’s full-service omnichannel solutions, customer engagements are transforming individual touch-points into interactive and enhanced customer experiences.


Safeguard your data

Granular tracking and accurate, real-time measurement of all customers communications. Let IMS help improve transparency and efficiency while meeting compliance and security requirements, including SOCII Type II, PCI DSS Level I, and FISMA/NIST standards.


Banks, today more than ever, must finds innovative ways to engage customers and enhance their experiences.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are continually seeking ways to engage and enhance the member experience.


In the highly competitive insurance industry, companies are face increasing pressure to boost performance while balancing the growing costs to do business.

IMS, Inc. now leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine-based learning.

The power of AI can be incorporated into every customer touchpoint from payment reminders and billing notifications to call centers and web-based chat. Significantly improve customers engagement while reducing call center volume and cost.

Payment Reminders

  • Inbound/outbound IVR.
  • Email and SMS.
  • Customized messaging based on schedule types, message codes, and payment reason codes.

Call Center Engagement

  • Reduce call center labor.
  • Shorten call times.
  • Increase patient engagement and experience.
  • Reduce call center costs.

Web-Based Chat

  • Reduce agent engagement.
  • Reduce cost.
  • Increase customer engagement and experience.