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Here are some frequently asked questions about the products and services IMS, Inc offers.

Conversational AI FAQs

What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI refers to the use of messaging apps, speech-based assistants and chatbots to automate communication and create personalized customer experiences at scale.

Does Conversational AI Reduce Costs?

For every second chatbots can shave off average call center handling times, call centers can save as much as $1 million in annual customer service costs. (IBM, 2018)

How Can Conversational AI Improve Your Organization?

As chatbots handle the mundane and repetitive tasks, employee morale will increase from them being able to contribute more to the success of the team.

How can Conversational AI improve conversations?

Improving conversation rates is the cornerstone of the technology. By proactively messaging customers, this will free-up employees to handle higher-value transactions. The platform delivers relevant, real-time conversational experiences to your target consumers.

Is the Conversational AI platform scalable?

Absolutely. The platform can be designed to have thousands of conversations simultaneously.

Conversational AI sounds overwhelming, where do I start?

What if creating AI-driven conversational applications was as easy as building a spreadsheet?

Well, now it is. With IMS, Inc.’s no-code/low-code platform, we are helping build next-generation conversational experiences and automate tasks utilizing various forms of artificial intelligence (AI). We make creating bots easy.

Robotic Process Automation FAQs

What is Robotic Process Automation or RPA?

RPA technology takes the drudgery out of data entry. It removes all those repetitive, boring tasks that humans do and replaces them with a software solution. This allows representatives to focus on higher valued tasks.

Data and Mail Services FAQs

How can IMS, Inc. save my company on postage rates?

Most companies spend far too much money on postage. All outbound mail is grouped and bundled according to the postal requirements to improve delivery time at a cheaper postage rate. Our technology can reduce your overall postage cost by 10% in many cases.

Why should we use a presort mailing company?

It is less expensive to hire IMS than it is to:

  • Hire an employee
  • Rent a postage meter
  • Pay postage meter rates

If your company still uses stamps, the savings are even greater.


What qualifies for presort postages rates?

Postage discounts apply to First-Class® and Standard Mail®. 

  • Statements
  • Notices
  • Tax forms
  • One-off communications
  • Direct mail

Whatever your company sends out by mail, IMS has a postage solution.

Our mail moves on holidays.