AI Powered Conversational IVR

The smarter way to IVR.

Basic interactions simply don’t cut it anymore – customers expect faster, more straightforward ways to engage with businesses and resolve issues seamlessly. Let IMS, Inc. help guide your Digital Transformation and deliver a Conversational IVR solution to help scale your organization.

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Ivr Advantage

Conversation in Action

For today’s call centers, this is the reality: customers want instant support and resolution, and smart technology delivers just that. Conversational IVR provides a unique voice-based solution where customers can interact using their natural language for a more immersive, human-like experience.

Unlike traditional menu-based interfaces, Conversational IVR delivers a convenient and personalized experience that allows individuals to self-serve and successfully resolve issues.


Conversational Technology

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Natural Language Processing

NLP leverages AI and ML engines to understand natural speech and respond as humanly as possible.

Seamless Omnichannel

Easily connect customers and pivot with context across channels– SMS, FB Messenger, Slack, Webchat, and more.

Fast APIs

Connect API endpoints to process data more efficiently, routing calls intelligently for rapid resolutions.

Voice Biometrics

Confirm customer identities through the use of voiceprint technologies, reducing the risk of fraud and systems hacking.

Natural Language

Make the Shift

With advancements in conversational AI technology and its ability to handle complexity and deliver intelligent support, the shift away from live phone and chat representatives is fast approaching. In fact, the transition away from live reps is already happening, with major companies joining the movement. Conversational AI has become a driving force for businesses by enabling humans and computer systems to interact in real-time. With the ability to elevate customer and employee interactions in magnitude, organizations will make vast strides in top- and bottom-line results. In the near future, more and more contact centers will continue to leverage AI to better support their internal agents, providing them with immediate, accurate, and consistent resolution. Companies that don’t adopt self-service solutions will likely fall behind the competition.


The use of AI to manage the more routine interactions – balance queries, password resets, and so on –has also been shown to cut costs by up to 30%. Self-service via AI is one of those rare win-win situations where cost reduction, customer preference, and improved customer satisfaction all go hand in hand.Employee experience is also improved which leads to lower attrition rates. Training costs are slashed when human agents are assisted by Conversational AI.



Reduce Cost

Customer-friendly voice automation reduces the number of agents required to handle a call, reducing associated human resources costs while handling calls more efficiently.

More personalized Experience

As virtual agents have more customer interactions, they will accumulate vast amounts of data that will enable them to spot behavioral trends and make tailored recommendations.

Better Brand Image

Aligning your contact center systems with your brand (and personality) lets you create a cohesive and consistent image that builds loyalty.

Improved Metrics

Built on cloud-based softwares, contact centers gather and interpret rich data and reporting to optimize performance and provide unrivaled customer support.

Expedited Call times

Reduce average handling times and avoid navigating through lengthy menus, facilitating a seamless customer self-service experience.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Hyperautomation reduces the margin of human error and minimizes low-impact work leaving more sophisticated tasks to employees.

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