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Your Next Hire Should Be a Bot.

Bots are becoming more intelligent day by day and can handle a larger workload than humans. They operate at a pace that humans cannot. This facilitates the growth of your organization and provides the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition while providing the best user experience possible.

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Cut through the channel noise and reach your customers where they are. Build bots to intelligently interact with your customers and drive enhanced experiences that engage and delight. Automate communications and create personalized experiences utilizing various forms of artificial intelligence.

Channel Integrations

Business is powered by your ability to engage in meaningful conversations with your customers. The challenge is that you’re expected to exist wherever your customers are, and with constantly changing preferences and options, your “channel” strategy becomes siloed and disconnected.

The IMS, Inc. solution allows you to create truly unique experiences that can easily pivot and facilitate cross-channel conversations with seamless precision.

Reporting & Analytics

Today, AI and analytics are a must. In the coming years, AI-powered analytics is poised to assist in creating and delivering your most essential strategies. Your success will be determined by your ability to apply focus where it matters. Utilizing AI-powered reporting and analytics will allow your team to concentrate on initiatives that count instead of overwhelming yourself with low-value tasks.
AI, combined with machine learning, will help you to identify the best course of action and automate your business processes. Our bots assist, augment, and amplify your work. When done right, new insights can empower everyone in your organization.


Creating a tremendous conversational experience isn’t easy. Most are less than impressive. Avoid lackluster results by considering an approach that incorporates your team — human-in-the-loop. Your organization can apply human-in-the-loop to nearly all business processes. Your subject matter experts can now use their knowledge to perform a task and train your AI model. It can range from customer service (reviewed reply automation) to healthcare (disease management), government (traffic violations), and financial services (fraud detection). The system can also be used to educate junior-level employees — pointing out deficiencies that may be missed without prior experience.

Human-in-the-loop not only automates the process of accessing your SMEs in real-time, but it also captures essential information, learns from the feedback it captures, and begins to serve human experts through increased quality and faster speed of executing operations. It fits nearly all human-centric processes within an organization and is ideally a natural, subtle part of your everyday workflow.

Future Proof Your Business

With AI and hyper-automation initiatives becoming a growing priority for the enterprise across industries, it’s clear that this technology is essential to helping your business solve its biggest challenges. Companies who have implemented AI-based intelligent digital workers (IDWs), also known as virtual assistants, are leapfrogging their competitors and achieving a higher level of success and customer satisfaction. Adopting an AI strategy will translate into increased customer loyalty, market differentiation, improved sales, and superior employee productivity for your business.

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“What should we expect by using
Conversational AI?”

Improve Customer Service

Provide customers with the personalized assistance they need, at the time and channel they prefer

Reduce Internal Costs

Save money on hiring new employees, implementing chatbots will optimize customer service

Reduce Call Times

With bots handling customer inquiries, call times will be reduced through automated self-service pathways

Increase Profitability

AI will help improve organizational efficiency and speed, resulting in optimal profitability

Reallocate Time

Bots automate routine information-based tasks so employees can devote their time to higher-value projects

Optimize Data Collection

Custom reporting and analysis can be made to further enhance business operations


Chatbots can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously, while human agents can only manage a few

Employee Satisfaction

Automated workflows lead to higher employee motivation, increased engagement and improved productivity

Customer Feedback

Chatbots can request customer feedback during conversations, which can be analyzed to improve your services

Industry Implementation


  • Health Systems
  • Practice Management EMR
  • Dental Management EDR
  • Revenue Cycle Management


  • Credit Unions
  • Banks
  • Wealth Management
  • Core Processors
  • Online Banking
  • Loan Origination


  • City
  • State
  • Federal
  • GSA
  • Authorities

Don’t Get Left Behind

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and new hyper-automation technologies, it is critical now more than ever, to harness the power of AI to stay ahead of the competition. Our conversational AI platform can be customized for any organization. We provide your company with the expertise and resources needed to maximize profitability and position yourselves for long-term success.
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